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Book - Marsh Mellow - By Harold "Corky" Logsdon

Book - Marsh Mellow - By Harold "Corky" Logsdon, Illustrated by Kristen Egan

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What boy would not want to awake every school morning to a surprise lighting his favorite path?  To explore and find the treasures of the neighborhood marsh!

His school has no walls, only a big sky and open space. His teachers hide in the tall grasses, sit in the branches of the forests and soar high above, saluting him with their wings.

Recess means playing in the waters of the bay and digging for treasures along the sandy beaches. 

Every day brings exciting lesson filled with imagination and dreams.

Harold "Corky" Logsdon - Marsh Mellow, his first children's book, draws from thirty years of teaching environmental science and instilling a love and understanding of the natural world.

Kristen Egan - Speciallizing in mixed media collage and sculpture, Kristen studied art and environmental science at Alfred University in New York.  Her work can be seen online at

Copyright 2015 / Publisher:  Harold Logsdon & Kristen Egan


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