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Field of Memories - Barnesville

August 23, 2017

Field of Memories - Barnesville

Field of Memories

In November of 2004, Cpl. Kirk J. Bosselmann gave his life in the service of this Country. Soon after, the first in the family of Patriot Companies was formed as a lasting legacy to the lost. In November of 2016, the tireless supporter of those companies, Clark E. Brown, passed away suddenly at his home. The loss of each of these great men was, and continues to be, felt across the community. Their service before self mentality and love of fellow man leave a legacy that will not soon be forgotten. While we have struggled to put into words the pure depth of their loss, they each occupy our mind and our memories. 

As a small step in becoming a larger force for good in their honor, Patriot Companies, along withMrs. Brown's Attic, have worked this spring and summer to create a "Field of Memories" sunflower🌻 patch for the enjoyment of others. The field of yellow and black is of course within eyeshot of Clarks beloved store front porch at the center of the Barnesville town square. 

While to us, each flower represents a moment in time and a memory made, we welcome you to visit, reflect, and draw your own meaning from a stroll or moment of silent reflection. The field is now available for respectful visitors to take a walk, take a picture or just take it all in. Our kind neighbors at Hilton Funeral Home have permitted parking in the Barnesville Post Office lot, and a small entrance to the field has been crafted in the fence adjacent. If you do pay us a visit, kindly keep your travels to the sunflower field itself, and respect the privacy of the home and buildings. 

When you capture some cool pictures, be sure to check in to the Field of Memories location, post them to our page or hashtag #clarkandkirk so we can see them. 

As this is just the first small step of what will hopefully be many charitable initiatives, anyone wishing to submit a donation to future projects may do so on the Clark and Kirk page of our website. 

If you do come out to see the flowers this weekend, be sure to pay Mrs. Browns Attic and Chesapeake Farmhouse a visit to let us know what you thought.

We hope you enjoy.